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We exist to turn your ideas into profitable projects. EvolutionIT specializes in helping startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses that require technical expertise in order to profit on the web. We guarantee that everything will be done on time and on budget.

Customer Focus At EvolutionIT we are working every day to make sure you succeed. We measure our own success based on the success of our clients. We believe in aligning our goals with the goals of our clients for maximum results.

Open Source When it comes to technology we believe that the community approach is best. That is why we often use technology with a very active community behind it as is the case with Drupal, Linux, Apache, and others. Our customers benefit as well as we have learned that open source based technology has a lower cost of ownership in the long term. In addition, open source allows you to better profit from your technology by avoiding long term licensing costs.

Staying Current It has been an amazing journey being involved in technology for the past decade. EvolutionIT has seen technology change at an extraordinary rate with game changing devices, software, and networks being introduced every couple of years. At EvolutionIT we stay current and always make time to research, test, and push the boundaries of what’s possible on all our projects.

EvolutionIT creates websites that are optimized for laptops/desktops, tablet computers, and smartphones. We tailor start-of-the-art websites in order to create the best fit for your business model. Let EvolutionIT build your next blog, informational site, or content management system. Let`s talk.

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Avoid a false start by partnering with the right team. Since 2000 EvolutionIT has helped startups with everything from wireframing to complete custom solutions. Partner with a team that has the knowledge and experience required to tackle all the challenges of the startup process.


Attract investors and accelerate growth by using the right technology that fits your budget and timeline. EvolutionIT believes in the accelerated life cycle approach when it comes to business technology. We can help with your entire technology ecosystem including mobile, desktop, and cloud solutions.


Let`s get together and create something beautiful for you and your business. The time is now. Go for it.

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